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Equal Opportunities Policy


Wyn Construction Ltd is committed to the development of positive policies and practices to promote equal opportunities. The company believes it is essential to promote good relations and equality of opportunity in order to fully utilise the skills and talents of the whole workforce.

All employees and potential employees of Wyn Construction Ltd will be given, so far as are possible, equal opportunities in all aspects of employment, terms and conditions, facilities, benefits and training irrespective of; Gender Age Disability, Marital status, Religion, Spent criminal convictions, Race, National origin, Colour Sexual orientation, Nationality, Social background or Ethnicity

Although the responsibility for achieving and providing equality of opportunity lies with the employer, employees at every level have a responsibility to promote this policy.

The application of all policies and procedures of Wyn Construction Ltd to all individuals will be solely on the basis of job requirements and the individual’s ability and aptitude/experience for the work.

All staff employed by Wyn Construction Ltd will be made aware of the provisions of this policy.


Direct Discrimination results from treating a person less favourably on the grounds of their gender, their marital status, their age, their race, their colour, their ethnicity, their religion, their nationality or any disability they may have. Indirect Discrimination arises where a requirement or a condition, although applied equally to all, has the effect of excluding or treating less favourably any of the groups mentioned above, and cannot be shown to be justifiable. Victimisation occurs when someone is given less favourable treatment than others because they have exercised their rights, or given evidence, under this policy or the relevant legislation. Harassment is any behaviour, deliberate or otherwise, directed at an individual that is found to be offensive to the recipient, and might create an intimidating environment.

Recruitment and Promotion

Applicants will be given clear and accurate information about posts through advertisements, and interviews in order to enable them to assess their own suitability for a post. Information will be placed and displayed where it may reach all individuals and members of the community.

Any application forms issued by Wyn Construction Ltd will include a query about ethnic origin so that we can monitor applications from different sections of the community. We will also ask prospective employees to declare their age, marital status and any disabilities they have. The same questions will be asked of all candidates and records will be kept as to why any applicant was not short listed or selected.

All interviews will be conducted on an objective basis, and will only deal with the applicant’s suitability for the job and the ability to fulfil the job requirements.

Wyn Construction Ltd will not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, etc in the allocation of duties or shifts between staff employed in any grade with comparable duties.

Disciplinary Matters

Acts of discrimination, victimisation or harassment by an employee against other employees, customers or visitors, will lead to disciplinary action. This will also apply to employees who attempt to induce other employees to discriminate, victimise or harass.

Failure to comply with the contents of this policy will be regarded as a disciplinary offence.

Grievance Matters

Any employee who considers that they have been subjected to discrimination, victimisation or harassment will have recourse to the Grievance Procedure.

Wyn Construction Ltd will take prompt action to investigate any employee grievance concerning discrimination, victimisation or harassment, in line with the Company’s Grievance Procedure.

Disability Discrimination

The Company will not unjustifiably treat a disabled employee less favorably for a reason that relates to a disability and will comply with a duty of reasonable adjustment to any physical feature of the premises or to working arrangements unless the adjustment would be of no substantial benefit.

Religious and cultural considerations

Work and holidays in the UK are arranged around cultural and religious traditions that may not be shared by members of ethnic minorities, whose festivals and feast days do not coincide with ours. We would take into consideration the requirements of people from other cultures that may be employed by the company.

Family considerations

We will make equal allowances for all employees to deal with particular family matters and problems.

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