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Quality Policy

It is our policy that:

  1. Every member of the business shares the responsibility for quality and quality improvement.
    • Company Managers through their own practices and standards will endeavour to lead by example. They will give complete commitment and allocate the necessary resources to the quality policies and programmes that are initiated.
    • Everyone has the scope to contribute to continuous quality improvement. Those taking initiatives will generate effective conditions for staff to participate creatively in the design, implementation and review of improvement activities.
    • We will compare our own performances with those of competitors and leaders in other sectors. The benchmark data will be shared with staff in all relevant sections of the business.
  2. Quality processes and controls will be implemented in a systematic and planned way across the business and given consistent and thorough attention. Specialist quality management roles and systems will be clearly defined and reviewed regularly.
  3. To be committed to quality processes and outcomes the focus must be on “getting it right first time” rather than “inspecting poor quality out ” (when the poor quality has already occurred). Our aim is to assist our customers and develop the best operational relationships with our suppliers – external and internal.
  4. The quality of support, interaction and achievement at every point in our supply chain is highly significant to success. Wherever practicable we will work in partnership with our suppliers, external and internal, as a natural adjunct to the quality policy.
  5. Information, communication, education and training have leading roles to play in the implementation of the quality policy. To ensure that everyone is empowered to contribute, the policy, its practices and programmes will be disseminated and promoted widely internally and externally using a range of methods and media.
  6. Assistance will be given to support the learning, education and training needs of staff at all levels so that they possess the competences and know-how: technical and social, for their role within the quality policy.
  7. Implementation of the quality policy will be a specific and high priority agenda item for all management meetings and company briefings.

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